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Choosing the right health insurance for you & your family in South Africa

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Choosing the correct medical health insurance for your family is both important and tricky. It boils down to a balancing act where your needs are weighed up against the scheme you’ve chosen and what it can offer you. The last thing you want to deal with is being told that you’re not covered during a medical emergency and money is tight.

Your budget is what steers your chosen health cover, followed by the unique needs of your loved ones. No family needs are the same, which means that you have to choose a plan that’s more tailor made to those needs.

Think about how much you and your family have spent on medical expenses in the last year and consider the following:

  • Do you and your family require medicine often?
  • How often do you and your family visit the doctor?
  • Do you and your dependents need to see a specialist?
  • Do you and your loved ones need extra cover for specific conditions? E.g. renal dialysis or cancer?

Healthcare vs health Benefits

It’s almost near impossible to go an entire year and not claim for medical expenses. For some families, medical claims are a norm, however for others unless a major medical emergency is needed, claims are not made on a regular basis.

This is an important determining factor, if you you’re most likely to make less claims, it simply means that you will require a low level of coverage – this means paying less money. However, if you’re bound to incur large amount of medical expenses, you will need a higher level of cover – family needs determines this.

With some plans, you have to use a specific GP and in most cases a hospital network. This has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that you get to keep your costs as low as possible, however, there’s the task of finding and sticking to a network near you. This limits the freedom of choice and using a provider you like and not having this option comes with the burden of having to pay more.

Consider your needs, both short and long-term. Look at what you can afford, what is possible and what your health insurance can offer you.